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Originally Posted by Hellbilly View Post
thanks guys for all the input.Ill just do some studying and ask him if we can have a one on one chat and see if I can get this put to bed.If not and he stands on what he said what should I do? Talk to the elders see what they say?
Study is important, but I have found that I sometimes study too much.

That is, I look to find ways of reconciling this world with God's word. I have to be reminded that prayer is the best way to keep aligned with God's plan.

Study, listen, learn, challenge, and pray. I read a book recently ("Too busy Not To Pray"). There was a particular chapter that struck me. The author worked through the elements of a prayer. That is, he wanted to give a structure to prayer. Now, he wasn't being dogmatic ("Prayer MUST be . . .). However, his points were well made and can help remind us of why we should pray and where our minds should be when we pray.

I should be able to find the notes I wrote when I read that book, if folks are interested.
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