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If you are reloading for the 300 win mag...

You said that you are looking at the Hornady 165gr SST bullets. I think that is a great Deer bullet. I personally use the Nosler 165gr BT bullets in my 30-06s. The problem I see with either the Hornady or Nosler choices in your 300 mag is that at close range a shoulder hit might give you bad bullet performance. With standard loadings on both I am sure that I am pushing my bullet 200 fps slower than you will be. I have always read that the 165gr BT from Nosler is their Deer bullet, I just don't think they were thinking 300 Win mag velocities when it was designed. You have the option if you are loading to back down into the 30-06 velocity speed range, or go up one size to 180gr SSTs or BT bullets. I would bet that the 180s would hold up better on a close range hit on bone from your magnum. Let us know how your new 300 shoots, and remember it's all about having fun....

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