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caliber choise will always reside with the shooter. I can see someone who has limited budget and can only have 1 gun would take a 300 wm as their all around rifle. However, I'm one nowadays that doesn't want/need to shoot a mag caliber. When I read posts that attest to a drop in the tracks shot with a mag bullet, I smile and can say the same thing after dropping a spike buck with my 22-250 with a solid heart shot. In fact the spike was dead before he hit the ground exploding internally. The real difference would be if a less than perfect shot took place and a shoulder hit happened. Which bullet would give the best results? Obviously the heavy mag would and destroy 20% of the meat. My personal goal ahs always been to achieve a quick clean kill with the least waste of valuable meat. For deer most legal bullets will do a great job dispatching them in short order with a well placed shot. I've been all over the place with bullets 444, 375, 300 sav, 30-06, 32, 243,30-30 ect ect. The simple fact is to use whatever you find enjoyment using (legal of course) and tune out the detractors. Shoot your rig till you know each other well and good things will come. Understand, I'm not anti mag with the above comments, just different!
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