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Dead is dead...

I would never say someone is wrong for shooting to much gun. I only want new shooters/hunters to know that having a cannon that is capable of killing anything on the planet might NOT be a smart choice for the average new shooter/hunter. I also worry about the group of shooters/hunters that feel using a absolute minimum makes them a better hunter/shooter. I am not a big trap/skeet shooter, I have shot probibly 50 rounds of trap/skeet. In those competions it is considered a self imposed handicap to use a lesser gauge shotgun or in the case of trap backing up farther from the house. In the case of a failed shot in trap/skeet the only fallout is your buddies rubbing it in. Taking a shot at an animal and not killing it clean is something that I think all of us want to avoid. That is why I always recommend the standard choices for anyone starting out in our shooting/hunting sport. I also always recommend that those same newbees stay away from anything with the term magnum in it. In my opinion a newbee shouldn't be steered toward a magnum, it is more power/noise/recoil than they really need. I would hope they start in the sport with something easier to master. To those that are capable of shooting really long ranges then the stuff in the magnum class is made for them.

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