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My personal opinion, after having used a lot of different calibers and a lot of different rifles to kill deer, is that a hunter should use whatever he or she wants, so long as it's up to the task at hand (cleanly killing deer!) ,is accurate enough and with that hunter having plenty of experience with said rifle/caliber to be effective with it.

Calling any rifle cartridge too much gun is a slippery slope, best left alone. Just where is the line to be drawn? At .223, .243, .250 Sav, .257 Roberts?? They all are well known deer killers (no, not necessarily my choices, perhaps) that are well under the venerable 30/30 in both caliber and bullet weight. I've carried rifles from .257 Roberts to 45-70 personally for deer hunting and have killed a bunch of deer with over 20 different chamberings in that mix. My experience has also told me that some of the heavier calibers have also shown to be the quickest killers. As far as the "bloodshot meat" reasoning, the worst case I've ever experienced was with a .308 Win, right between your chosen 30/30 and 30/06, actually.
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