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Originally Posted by starburstdan View Post
i personally believ the gun is overkill for deer try a 30-30 or 30-06
Just what is it that makes one .30cal bullet overkill, when two others are not? Overkill is a word bandied around far too much by some hunters, IMHO. I've killed two deer with two different .300 mags, among the 20+ calibers I've taken deer with and within my personal experiences of one mule deer buck and one big whitetail buck it worked great. Both fell on their feet and, in both cases, that may have saved me and my Buds a very tough drag, should they have moved even 50 feet.

If you prefer the 30/30 or 30/06, well have at it. Matters not to me. So why someone else wanting to use a .300 mag (or .338WM or .375 H&H for that matter) bothers you for some reason, is simply lost on me. I am still confused, actually, as to what exactly "overkill" is

Shoot what ya want, just shoot it well!!
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