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I have not used that brand bore sight set-up but i would still shoot my gun at a range after you laser sight it. for example. i used a laser bore sight on my new gun. the directions say 2 inches high at 10 meters for it to be dead on at 100 yds. I did that and also checked my other guns to see where they were at with the laser. They were all 2 inches low. So i took them to the range and found out my old guns that were 2 inches low with the laser where still dead on target. I shot my new one for the first time and was way high. I dont mean a little high, I mean almost 14 inches high at 100 yds. Needless to say if I had trusted my laser sight system I would have shot over a deer. Good laser bore sights will usually put you close so your hitting paper but I would not trust the accuracy of the gun till i took it to a range.

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