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Bald Faced Hornets

Well fellas, I just had my old pond pushed in and bulldozed level in our backyard. Trust me, I didn't WANT to do it, but the previous owners didn't keep it up and there was alot of debri and trash and sewer runoff in it.. NOT a good situation. There was no saving it. Well I had about 4 trees I wanted the bulldozer guy to take down as well and one of them I noticed when I got home that evening was still standing. Turns out there's a bald faced hornet's nest in it! The nest itself is about 15 ft in the air and attached to a limb coming out the side of the tree. My question is, does anyone know a good way to get rid of them? I've been told some interesting ways by some old timers.. one guy told me to take a .22 and shoot it down and let it lay for 3 days and all the hornets would be gone. My father-in-law said to wait till the first freeze and then use a ladder and climb up there and cut it down (HECK NO). Anyone else have any BRIGHT ideas??? lol Here are some pics I pulled off the internet... these aren't MY hornets!

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