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Originally Posted by timetohunt View Post
The Bible does say that all Leaders are put in place by God for His purposes. There are many examples in the Bible of Bad leaders ....pray for Obama because he is our leader and like it or not was put in place by God for this appointed time. His policies are killing America and go against everything I hope and dream for America.

You know, you bring up a good point TTH... Just like in our personal lives God puts us through tough times, for example: deaths of loved ones, divorces, money problems, injuries, etc.... Well maybe this is the same for our country. Maybe He is wanting us to band together and bring Him back into the focus of this country?!?!?! He's allowing us to go through this tough time as a nation because He's teaching us. Teaching us how NOT to do things on earth and how having non-Christians lead your country is NOT a good thing. Personally, I think this could be statistically proven... just look at Obama's approval rating. It's lower than low. That means, people who even voted for him are now regreting it. Let us all continue to pray for our President that he will not change anything more than will effect our country in a negetive way. Let's also pray that the rest of his time in office, there are no MAJOR decisions to be made by him. Let's just hope and pray for our country too guys. We need to band together and elect the CORRECT person this time. Not someone who we think will do a good job, but someone who WILL DO a good job as our president and someone who is a Christian and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.

--sorry to get off subject guys.....

James 1:2-8

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