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Well ok,,, I didn't know he went into that extent of politics during a sermon hellbilly!!! Personally, that is not the place or the time to discuss politics whether it's by the people going to church there or, especially, the pastor. Now, granted, I would not be caught dead in a church with a liberal pastor because we all know what liberals stand for and that goes against my Christian beliefs. As a Christian, I find it awfully hard to be a liberal and a Christian at the same time. I don't think it can be done.
Now, if this is what your pastor was portraying... then I would call him up and have a sit down with him just you and him and find out what he was trying to portray before you actually think about leaving the church. He may have just been misunderstood. I would also voice my concerns to my pastor that I didn't feel like church was a place to speak about politics and to express our political views.
Personally I believe in my heart and KNOW for a fact, this country WAS founded on Christian values and morals. The reason why this country is going the way it is now, is NOT because of the Conservatives in this country so that leaves one group. I would have a hard time swallowing if my pastor told me and the congregation that our country was not founded on God alone. That's absolutely obsurd.
Now... as far as the Obama thing. I do agree with one thing, but it is extremely hard for me to do... and that is we should respect our leaders in office. I know Obama is not the right person for the job and he is running this country into the ground, but God wants us to pray for him and to love him. That's the only way this country will get better while he's in office. Like I said before... if we keep taking jabs at him, he'll get worse and worse at his job. This is hard for me to do because he is an extremist liberal who does not believe in God... yet I'm supposed to pray to the real GOD in heaven above for him? The answer is yes.

James 1:2-8
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