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I wouldn't do it and I wouldn't let anyone I was responsible for do it. There are those that believe that doing such things are important religious acts. I don't believe in those things but I'm not going to cheapen their religion by doing it as some sort of game. I have great respect for those folks and I have no place meddling in things I don't understand.

If you want to show respect for your quarry practice until you can make a clean shot and wait until you have a solid kill shot before shooting. Learn the art of hunting and practice with earnest. If you believe in such things (I do) say a short prayer of thanks when you are successful (or even when you fail). If you want to take it further, lay your hand on the deer and say, "Thank you brother deer for providing food for my family".

The taking of a life is a solemn act not to be taken lightly and not to be cheapened by sophomoric games. When they come to you and tell you that you "must" do something that you don't believe in, just tell them no. If they don't buy that, find someone else to hunt with. There are plenty of folks out there that'll be happy to hunt with you.

But then...
Opinions vary...
And that's just mine...

Hunt well, hunt safe.
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