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Originally Posted by Decilles02 View Post
Hey everyone, i'm new to the site and kind of new to bow hunting. I hunt in the south eastern part of Alabama and i hunt with a Hoyt Power Hawk. Somehow i managed to take 2 last year with my bow and 1 with my gun. But this year i'm going to try and hunt with my bow all year. Is there any tips or advice anyone could give me? Some of my relatives have 60 acres on the side of mountain and that's where I've been hunting the past 2 years but i have yet to see a big buck. Is there a difference between hunting the side of a mountain and the flats? any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless!
Greetings from Vermont, Welcome to the club.

"but i have yet to see a big buck"

Big bucks are excellent game and the most challenging to harvest but so aren't small doe's.
You've already harvested deer so you know how to hunt, my advice would be to stay focused on hunting deer and dont allow yourself to get trapped into that "hunting for the "BIG" buck mode".
The way I see it is I'm going to hunt Deer as long as God allows me to, that includes Doe's as well as Bucks but If I get on the tracks of a big buck and manage to harvest him that's just another deer story to add to the others.

"Is there a difference between hunting the side of a mountain and the flats?"

To me there's no difference at all, move slowly, monitor the winds direction and stay alert. Aiming and shooting are the same, make no adjustments for shooting up hill, down hill or flat land shooting, just be sure you know your target and beyond.

Good Luck Hunting and If a Big Buck comes along I wish you all the best on harvesting him.

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