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Smile Hey Blockman. You m

Hey Blockman. You must really think I suck by now beucsae I haven't done anything useful LEGO wise in a month or two. Mostly I'm busy with non LEGO things but the urge to get my LOTRs fix is getting very strong and believe it or not I pop by here and read your notes frequently even if I don't say anything. I've been stewing over if I should go for the army set you're talking about here or just throw all caution to the wind and get the main set which'll have lots of figures. The real issue: WIFE. I've been dropping hints for the past week that I'm plotting and need my LEGO fix. Nearly used my daughter as a scapegoat for going to Toys R Us today to look at sets nearly. Anyway keep up the good work I'm glad one of us is at least active at any given time. I should snap soon and get my LEGO freak on though, so don't count me out!

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