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Most all name brand bows will be made of good quality but price should not be the only consideration or on the top of the list
personally I would not buy from a catalog at least not without trying the bows out first
Not sure about Bass pro but most bow shops will let you try out the bows before you purchase one
if you purchase a good bow that is comfortable to you & shoots to fit your style you will really never need to replace it (in normal circumstances)
to me it is like buying a car you don't buy one without test driving one first
plus a good local bow shop will set it up for you at no additional cost if you purchase it from them & they can better tell you what would be the best choices for you level & style
1 important thing don't get caught up in the "NAME GAME"
Matthews is not better then Hoyt, Hoyt is not better then PSE
they all make great bows & you don't need the latest greatest bow on the market it will not make you a better bow hunter
go get what feels right & shoots the way you like for a price you can afford

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