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Welcome to DHS. Bow hunting compared to rifle hunting is different.. to me bow hunting presents more of a challenge then rifle hunting does. theres alot of factors that have to be taken in. I prefer bow hunting over rifle hunting myself. As for you bow, any bow can be good, but main thing to remember is the shooter is what makes the bow good..not just in sights, arrow rests, stablizer, and silencers. You can have top of line everything, but if you cant hit anything with it...what good is the before you spend a bunch of money on assc. I would just start off with basic cheap stuff....whisker bisket....basic three pin stablizer...but for sure get some string silencers on your bow...and then as you get really good with your bow, start spending the money on your bow sights, rest, etc...or even upgrade to a different bow.hope this helps out...if theres anything else..just ask

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