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Originally Posted by hunt NH View Post
im in way over my head. preachers can resite verses from ther heads. all i have is my understanding, and love of god.

That is all you need.... you don't have to quote scripture or talk the way preachers talk, you just have to show him how God has helped you in your life. That's all. Tell him about the things he's done for you and helped you through. It's been my experience that if you go quoting scripture and everything while witnessing to a close friend, it scares them off more than anything. Most importantly, be his friend. Let him know you're there for him and that you've been praying for him like crazy. He's your friend, he's going to respect your opinions and thoughts. I think you were right holding off talking about God b/c you had been drinking. Make sure you have a clear mind and that you have prayed for God's wisdom and words to come into your heart the next time you see/talk to him. You're doing fine huntNH, just keep it up!

James 1:2-8
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