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Originally Posted by timetohunt View Post
Made this little creation the other night, loved it, and thought I would pass it on.

I cut up some wild apples from the year - probally a half dozen (with the skins on). Added a liberal amount of coconut oil to a frying pan - added 4 venison steaks and topped with the apples. Fired up the burner and fry until the desired doneness of the steaks. The apples break down to an apple sauce consistency. This was very excellent!!

With one of the left over steaks, I toasted a bagel and put the steak with apples inbetween to make a steak sandwich - AWESOME!!
I bet that is great! I do the same thing with apples and pork steaks/chops too. I let them simmer for a bit and they are very tender & tasty.
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