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the reviewers final thoughts speaks volumes about the buckstalker, 1-1/2" grouping is amazing.
There are many variables that play key roles in grouping, A shooter may never have optimal shooting conditions when shooting his muzzleloader
and many shooters get discouraged by poor grouping only to blame it on the weapon but I'd bet most of the problems are created by shooter error,
projectile/powder combinations or weather conditions, those are the most likely culprits but 1-1/2" grouping with a muzzleloader is respected by any hunter/shooter.

I get good groups with Triple7 pellets so that's what I use but if a shooter isnt satisfied with the grouping he/she gets from pellets, loose powder will allow for many more projectile/powder combinations. Good Luck

Reviewers "Final Thoughts:

The Buckstalker lives up to its billing as a compact, lightweight and feature packed budget in-line muzzleloader. The quality and features can be found on rifles that retail for twice as much as the Buckstalker making it a steal. The Buckstalker and Traditions Scope Kit allow you to hunt for less with the confidence you have a durable rifle that will last season after season. It is a quality muzzleloading brush gun that wont break the bank."

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