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I won't try to sway you either way as I'm a big TC fan. Sometimes going cheaper isn't a sound investment at any cost. Anyway, ML hunting is a very close second for me in the enjoyment department. I love flintlocks for PA but have several in-lines for Ohio hunting too. I always try to steer people to save a few dollars more and at least get into the middle of the road models and get a decent scope for it. Modern in-lines will shoot 200 + yds with practice. Use your buddies for load information or we can help and it depends on what brand ML you buy. There are a few CVA fans here, Traditions come in second to TC. If you check out Auction arms or Gun Broker you can find some great buys for new or high quality used models and you generally don't need a FFL dealer transfer. I picked up my TC Triumph for 250.00. Good luck
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