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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
Depending in what area you are hunting sept hunting could be hot. I'm a late Oct, Nov bow hunter mostly for the rut. Archery is a whole new enjoyable experience. Most archers wouldn't trade their bows for gun hunting. Many archers simply use the bow, rifle, shot gun, ML to stay in the woods all hunting season. To say which bow would work best is just about any of the top makers would work for you. Seek out a bow shop, Bass Pro, Cabela's and shoot a few models and see what you like. practice is the key to success in archery. Good luck and welcome to the site.
I second that I would not trade my bow hunting for rifle if I had to
the biggest thing you need is Practice, Practice, Practice
also look at your state archery laws for what you intend to hunt example min. draw weight, broadhead size ect... before you buy anything most "name brand" archery equipment is going to be fine & comes down to personal preference but don't buy the cheapest thing you can find either
made that mistake on my very first bow & was not enjoyable & actually gave up bow hunting for a while but now with my new setup bow seasons don't come soon enough

Good luck & welcome

& yes most places I have hunted # of hunters drop of a ton for archery

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