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You have to think safety all the time no matter how you hunt. With any type of elevated stand you really need to use some sort of fall restraint system. For hose who build those sky boxes with heaters and lazy hunter recliners you wont need anything except something to keep you awake. For ground hunting look over the area you are hunting for possible stray bullet path potential, falling dead branches from above in winds. Ground blinds do keep you out of the rain, snow, winds. Elevated stands do give you a far better look at your hunting area and disperse your scent farther down wind. Most deer, excluding Michigan deer, rarely look/think for danger from above, so with good camo on you should have deer right around you without their knowledge that you are there. The type of stand is all personal preference and physical ability. I like ladder stands, their safe, easy to put up and come in just about any sane height you wish to hunt from. Human scent control is the key to what ever type of hunting you do. Good luck and happy hunting.
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