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well, heres my 2 cents. I set up my 20' ladder stand about 2 weeks ago and decided to take a couple of shots from elevation. I wanted to accomplish a couple things in doing this. first, I had never shot from this platform before and wanted to do so before going to the woods. second, I have never shot my Xforce from elevation and wanted to compair shots from elevation and ground level at the same distance.
what I found was, the old rule of thumb about holding low on a target when shooting from elevation dont apply to the flatter shooting bows. there was absolutly no difference at 15 yds and I would have to conclude the same thing applies out to 40 yds as the impact point is the same for all distances between. I will still use the range finder in the field if for nothing else, piece of mind of knowing the target is within 50 yds. I generally use it in the stand to range target stop points and never the animal.

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