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I ended up buying this new Buck Roar and SO FAR I have to say I don't think it's all it's cracked up to be... I think it may be too intimidating. TODAY in a heavy snowfall I saw a Buck passing thru what is usually fairly open woods but because of the wind, heavy rain snow mix, bowed trees I could barely make the deer out, as I raised my rifle to scope it out and maybe get a shot, I couldn't see it because my scope was packed with snow and ice. I grabbed my binoculars but by then the deer was out of sight .. grabbed the Buck Roar thinking maybe it would draw the buck back in,,, nope all that did was put a doe on a dead run , a doe I hadn't even seen until I used the buck roar she was at about 40 yards but ran off full tilt... I made my way up to where I last saw the buck to start tracking him HE went into the thickest stuff he could find, I ended up pushing him out of 3 beds he tried laying in but never got to see him again as he ended up crossing a higway into a no shooting zone I had some bad luck today lol BUT I'll be back there in the morning and this time it'll be a little different I just treated my scope with Scope Dope a Lens cleaner and anti fogging paste it works great on rainy or snowy days i also put my see thru covers on so i'm all set for tomorrow.. I didn't get a clear visual on the Buck but i'm guessing an 8 maybe a 10 hope I get one more crack at him tomorrow...

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