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Changing it up a little

After having two does jump my string last year I have decided that I need to do something to quiet my bow down a little. I never had this much trouble with the compound, but the recurve is slow enough that I guess it gives them time to duck the arrow. I did a little research and found out the light arrows I have been shooting may be part of the problem. When I went to buy them the "bow guy" said that I want the lightest arrow possible to shoot from the recurve since it doesn't have the power of a compound. I went along with this and got some arrows in the 8 gpi range. These turn out to be good target arrows, but not so good for hunting. so I ordered a set of carbon express Pyledriver arrows (10.4 gpi) and some Muzzy Phantom 125 gr. broadheads. Also got a new string and set of silencers. Hopefully all this stuff will help quiet down the recurve a little. Should also help with penetration being a little heavier. I can't wait for the brown santa to show up so I can retune the bow and get ready for the season opener. My wife spotted a great shooter buck in a very hunter-friendly area the other day, so I am counting the days till I can hunt that bruiser.

John Eitzen
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