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Ok since no one will post anything on my previous thread on Primos Truth Cam 60,,, i'll say something here! hahaha I'm very disappointed with mine. BF, I wouldn't get one if I were you. Spend your money on a Moultrie. This truth cam worked fine, I THOUGHT, for about 3 months. here's what it's doing.... It'll take pics when you first set it and it'll take around 10-15 pics. Then the thing shuts completely off and stops taking pics. I have 40% battery left and i just don't get what's wrong with this thing. What I think it is, is the heat it was out in. There for awhile it got up to around 100-105 degrees out and I'm thinking that hurt the cam. My argument is why does every other cam work in that heat and not the primos? If that is what's wrong with it, I'm going to be very upset. Gotta call them tomorrow and hopefully get them to either re-emburse me (yeah right) or send me a new one. Sorry for venting, but as of right now, I do NOT recommend Primos cams to anyone. I swear, I have the worst luck with trail cams. Moultries have yet to fail me though.
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