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Talking Big Deer Hunters

My name is Charles Stokes and owner of Big Deer Hunters. I have a new deer lure that makes deer hunting easier. My deer lures can be used several ways. At the moment I have two types: Come and Get It! made with premium whitetail doe in heat urine and Big Daddy, made with premium whitetail buck urine with tarsal gland. With our lures you can simply rub the lure on trees, rocks, scrapes. You can turn the dial and cut a sliver off and use it like a hang and bait or you can just take the top off and place the container on the ground and wait for the deer. Real easy to use, no mess , no spill. I will be putting actual pictures of the product on the website in the upcoming weeks. The website is BIG DEER HUNTERS - Home. Give it a try it really works.
Ps: We also have dirt scented soap as a great cover up scent. Thanks in advance.
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