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HM.........I did say I was using the new Powerbelt, and they are very accurate in my gun. They also load perfect. They are also expensive, but so are Thors.

The bottom line is I have some Thors coming that should fit the Wolf. I haven't had the chance to try Thors in the Wolf yet. I'm convinced that Barnes bullets are the best you can buy. I have all the confidence I need to use them for any game in North America.

The new PB Aerolite is a question mark right now. If I was just going to hunt deer i'd have more confidence in the PB. I scouted my hunting area yesterday, and saw a beautiful cow elk. It reminded me just how big cows are. She was close to 500lbs. That's a big animal compared to deer.

Plus, i'd have to use a 300gr Aerolite for elk, and the 250gr Thor will be fine because of how it performs. I had an operation on my cheek to remove cancer. It left me with 100 stitches, and sensitive to recoil. The lighter bullet will help some.

I know FG will be disappointed, but i'm more comfortable using a Thor bullet this year.

If FG has good luck with the Aerolite bullet this year. I'll reconsider next year.

This will all depend on how well the Thor shoots in my gun. We'll see.

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