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Greetings from Vermont Mainer, You and I are hunting under similar conditions/situations, Vermont Bucks are fewer and further between as well.
It sounds to me like all you need to do is relax, leave the grunts, calls, bleats, rattling horns and everything else, other than your rifle and ammunition to home. Don't be a Marine be a hunter, Marine's are the take charge type of men just like the other soldiers in the other branchesof service.. BUT you're dealing with (IMO) the most elusive animal on the face of the earth, You're in the animals world now.
My Advice: You already said you're seeing Bucks not Doe's, So you know they are there, keep focused on the wind direction and scent control don't get in your stand too early the average hunter can only maintain a good hunting posture and mindset for so long after a certain time period most hunters become fidgety.. Deer are wel oiled machines that will catch your every movement if you move they see it, if you sniffle they hear it and as quickly as they slip in on you they slip right back out. you should plan on being in your stand no earlier than 40 minutes before sunrise and for the next 3 hours all you should be doing is listening and watching... move your eyes first then your head, if you see the slightest movement try and figure out what it is don't just brush it off as nothing, I can't tell you how many times I've seen a Deer twitch it's ear or flick it's tail or tilt it's head at 150 yards or better, It's always good to know a Buck is moving in LONG before it enters the zone. With that I'll say Good Luck and again just take your time and don't forget to post us some pics when you get one.

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