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Thor is made by Barnes, and you like Powebelts? Why? I see you get accuracy but terminal performance on game animals should be the desire and I would think the Barnes bullets would be the superior performer. Powerbelts don't seem to rank too high on what I've read. It probably doesn't matter for shots in the 100 yd range but long range most likely is a big difference. Just an asumption on my part. Hopefully FG you will get a 200 yd shot and see what the PB' will do. I didn't shoot any of the Barnes through the Truimph as the Shockwaves were very accurate and blasted two bucks last January. What's interesting is the TC Firehawk will shoot the 250 shockwaves really well as well as the old Maxi-hunters. I need to experiment with the Triumph to see what it will really do now that I have the new rest. According to what I've read the Barnes bullets should shoot really well in the Triumph being a slightly underbore. Worth a try.
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