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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
so you're shooting bottom right? I like to set my in-lines ML's at 12:00 and about 1.5-2" high at 100 yds. The flinters are set close to 1" high at 50 yds as my eyes are not so good with open sights anymore and a 75 yd shot is fairly long for me. The 54 Hawken with the 36" Green Mountain barrel is really accurate but these eyes have trouble getting both sights in focus and I hate it. I said before maybe a peep might help moving the rear sight closer to my eyes and then change my glasses to clean things up? Scopes make things a whole less complicated but then there's nothing like woosh...bang to shatter the morning stillness.
Have you tried one of those dots on your glasses? My eyes are junk, and the dot cleared up both sights and the target a little bit too.

It acts like a peep sight, but way cheaper, and legal at primitive shoots. Peeps aren't legal in my club.
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