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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
I have all but two of my Dad's guns and when my brother passed away I got his also, my sister-in-law didn't want any firearms in the house. My nephew hasn't showed any interest for his Dad's guns, funny when he does hunt he likes my Savage 99. I think in a few more years a transfer to him will happen if not my "will" gives them to him anyway. I know this is off topic but something to talk about.
Further off-topic, but after I had my insurance updated and an appraisal done on my collection I realized that it's time to speak to the kids & sons-in-law, and think ahead for the grands too. I know for a fact that none have the interest I do in guns and might as well let them select the ones they will use (eventually) and let the others be sold when I'm gone. There's no way they can store and care for them all and it simply needs to be done, sooner rather than later now. My favorites may not be ones they would prefer after all.....
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