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why7 do non christains feel the need to get the last word in in any conversation involving god?
i was talking to a co worker about how we work 7 days a week at work. i mentioned that even god rested on the 7thy day. even admited that i knew it was wrong / a sin that i work 7 days a week to keep my emplyer happy. and made the point "its all right there in the bible." he told me thats one book he did not want to discuse with me. being (as you guys know, not at all pushy, or not wanting to force my religion on any one.) i backed right off. after about a 30 second (verry uncomfortable for me) moment of silance. he comes back with. " i was molested as a child. if there was a god he would not have let that happen." i took this as him feeling the need to have the last word. and not wanting to push it to far, and get myself in trouble at work i told him "30 sec ago you told me, that you did not want to talk about it. if you want my anser to this you will have to ask me." i know my answer to this question, buit wont give it to him unless he askes. but it just comes to me that non christians need to have the last word in any conversation about god. and poses to me the question why?

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