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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
Konus scope FG? i see Planet optics has these, how are they in quality vs the rest of the pack? I haven't heard of this brand until I saw yours and looked on line. What model did you go with and did you have prior experience with them. Thanks for the input.
This scope has been on around 4 or 5 different muzzleloaders / rifles in a bit over a year.

I use the Konus Pro 3-10x44 and use high rings " i think you can get away with mediums, but the highs fit my face better". I let my brother compare the optics to his Nikon and he was surprised as heck. Some of my forum members use the exact same scope and these guys used to be Leupold shooters. They said that Konus Pro was clearer than their Leupold's and a heck of a lot cheaper in price.

This is from my forum member who bought a cva combo set up " Wolf- Konus 3-9x32, soft case" I love the scope too. It does more than I expected, and the thin crosshairs are so easy to get on the target at distance. Nice and clear and bright. I like the parallax correction adjustment too.

Hes dead on about the cross hairs. My Pro has the 30-30 reticel which goes from medium to super thin and i normally use a 1/4" bulls eye @ 100 & 150 yards as a 1" circle looks huge in this scope.

I took a picture through my scope today while i was at the range so i will get that uploaded later, along with my range info.
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