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i realy havent been looking. been to buisy. working crazy hrs at work. funny thing though is right now i am working to help save a soul before its to late. a friend of mine from a interactive vidio game i play over the internet is fighting cancer right now. other than being a non believer, he is not so different from me. im trying to help him find god, but also trying not to push to hard. i cant aford to mess this up, by pushing to hard and have him reject the message. if i do there wont be time to undo that dammage, so i am proceading with extreem caution, so as not to push him ferther way. so far i have made it well known to him that i am a christan. that i would love to talk to him about god, and hopfully find god, but that i will not force him to talk about it. please pray for me. that god will give me the wisdome to know just have hard to push this. so that i dont make a mistake that could cost a man his soul. please also pray for him, that he will accsept the message, and jesus as his savior. and aslo that once exepting god that he beat the cancer. this has also kept me buisy
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