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Welcome Mainer,

I also live in Maine, Greenbush to be exact. I read your post, and Im at a loss, I live a couple hundred miles north of you, and the signs of the rut are just starting to appear up in my neck of the woods.

The weather is just starting to get things moving a bit. I would just hang in there, we know how tough the Maine woods are to hunt. It sounds like your early morning hunts are on schedule. Do you stay in your stand till at least 10 or 11:00?

I am finding more activity the last couple hours of the day. You might try the last few hours of the day, and hang in till the very last of legal shooting time, and you should get your sites on a doe at least.

The rut isn't in full swing yet, so that could be part of the problem.

I have hunted down in your neck of the woods. In Harrison, Bridgton area, to be precise, it is tuffer hunting down in that area. There are so many areas that are posted, and because of the hunting pressure in that area, deer seem to disappear.

I think they pretty much head to where they aren't bothered. But there is hope. Nasty weather is coming. You have been given some good advice above, so stick to it, and good luck to you.

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