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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
First you will need to figure out what type of stand you want to use as each has plus and minus qualities. You need to know your abilities, strength, mobility, fear of heights ect. Ladder stands are probably the most easy to set up and maybe the safest ones, climbers the most comfortable to sit in but require some extra strength to use. Fixed stands require some sort of steps, ladder, sticks to get up and into. Price is also a factor as good climbers maybe the most expensive followed by ladders then fixed stands. Give us some additional specific questions and we'll see what we can provide.
HM I don't agree 100% with your statements
1. I weigh under 120# & have no issues w/ a climber maybe the way I read it but I do not feel I need a whole lot of strength to use it
2. I feel my climber is safer then setting up a ladder stand
Top & bottom are tetherd & I am secured to the tree w/ my harness
I think all cert. tree stands are fairly safe if you use all required safety measures I say fairly safe because it is always safer to be on the ground
the rest I agree with just my opinion
one thing I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND is buy a GOOD safety harness (Vest style) may cost as much as a treestand but your life is worth it

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