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If I were you, I would talk around. Find out from people where they attend and find out what it's like there. Most importantly, find a church where the pastor is going to TEACH from the BIBLE. I know that sounds weird to say, but seriously. Many pastor's have their own agenda or own way of looking at the Bible. Find one who does not CHANGE the Bible around to "meet the needs of the congregation". My wife and I once attended a church where every Sunday was a UP-beat feel-good message. Well that's fine, but what about everything else? The Bible has both good and bad stories. A congregation needs to hear about all of them. They need to learn about the touchy subjects and the subjects pastor's hate preaching on. Don't worry about wearing your best or looking your best, God wants you to attend. Also, don't worry about what other people in the church do or say. Yes, it is important to belong to a church body, but once they know you, tatoos and all, they will accept you. It may take a little time. We have a guy in my church who's name is Joe. Joe had long hair, a REALLY long goatee w/handle bar mustache, and he had tatoos all over. Plus he wore a leather vest. When he first started, yes he got some weird looks, but now, he is one of our best attendees and I'm happy to say he's my brother in Christ!

James 1:2-8
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