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pick a good bible based christian church and go.You mite go to several differant ones before you find one that fits you.Just remember what your there for.worship GOD,not to inpress others or be like "look at me".The church I go to is a little country church and on a good day there mite be 50 people.I wear blue jeans and my justins with a nice shirt as do most of the other guys young and old.Its not what you wear,But what you reseave.And yes I have alot of tats also and have never been shuned because of it at this church,others I have been.Its all about you and your relationship with CHRIST.I hate to admit it but IMO not all churchs have the holy spirit moveing in it.One of the best churchs Ive ever been to was a cowboy church.It was held in a barn with dogs and chickens roaming around and horses in stalls.I can tell you the holy spirit was in that place and moving freely among us.It was not a look at me and what Ive done kinda place.They do not even pass a plate around.They have a box off to the side at the entrance and you can just drop off what you can.They even had a sign on it to leave what you can or take what you need.GOD bless you and your familiy finding the church for you

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