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Food plot (maine)?

I live in maine. I found a spot that is privately owned, in which I have permission to hunt, put up treestands and plant. I found a spot on top of the hill which has been thinned out by the forestry department. At the very top of the hill, which is about a .8 mile walk up hill and at 500 ft above sea level, which is high in Maine, lol, there is deer sign and I saw some does there last year when I discovered it. At the very top by the thin spot there is a 2 year old logging road that is full of lush green grass and is about 100ft long by 10-15 ft wide. Now suroounding this hill and all the property is pines and oaks. There is plenty of acorns. I wanted to know if I should plant something like clover in with that lush grass to try to keep deer in area. If so how can or what else is good to plant with out tilling or water access? The road leads to a 100 ft mudslide and now you can only walk in.

Thanks to all that respond or read.
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