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Originally Posted by tator View Post
Well first off, Psalms 109 is a prayer for the enemy. I do not consider Obama the enemy. Just because a person has different beliefs than I do doesn't mean I'm going to treat him like my enemy. Now, that said, I do not agree with all his views politically, religiously, ethically and morally. Do I want to see him in office for a 2nd term, HECK no. But what we are saying is that to wish that someone's family be fatherless and wife a widow is awfully harsh. Plus that is meant for the enemy of a fight/war/battle. Now with the recent news of Bin Laden, HE would be considered the enemy. And his wife(s) are now widows and his child(ren) are now fatherless. That would be a good verse for him. My whole point is we need him out of office. I'm not saying someone should cause him harm or anything of the sort. I just want him out of the White House.
Good post tator. I have friends/co-workers that voted for Obama. Its their vote that put him in the White House. I may not agree with them but I darn sure do not wish ill will to any of them. Same with our President. America voted him in. I dont agree with it and will be glad when he is gone. But darn sure dont want anything to happen to his family. His daughters didnt choose their dad. God did.

Politics and Relegion can be touchy subjects. Be respectful of others that may not agree with you. Please speak your mind. Just do it in a manner that will less likely offend others that dont agree with you.

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