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Originally Posted by hunt NH View Post
i dont think it to harsh. yes maybe im more of an eye for an eye guy than a turn the other cheak guy but. think of this. the vers i posted is the one tha emeadiatly folows the one you did, and i did not post the ones that follow it. that would have been harsh.

i wish no ill will on his family. as a mater of fact, think about this. the man hates god. just look at the way he talks about christianity, and the way he talks about islam. what do you think tha chances are that his two daughters will exept christ into there lifes and become saved if they keep hearing what he has to say? now imagan this, he is delivering one of his anti god speeches, when out of nowere, and a blue sky, comes one single bolt of linghtening, striking him down, in such a way that there is no denieing that it was the wrath of god. imagan how many people would realize that we need to put god back into our countery so that we as a countery will not suffer the same fate.
OK I really hate getting involved in Religious discussions as everyone has their own interpretation. I have not been to church in a long time because of my own personal reasons but I DO believe in the Lord but Hunt NH I don't get what you are saying
1. eye for an eye what has he done to deserve death?
being a terrible president?
2. you wish no ill will on his family but pray for his death?
& the rest I really don't get aren't we as Christians more forgiving & understanding then others also isn't it the one great thing about living in the USA is the freedoms we have including Religion?
what I am saying is the way you wrote that sounds like he should die because you think (could be true) he is not Christian but is of Muslim faith?
sounds more Muslim then Christian to me
I am not going to post any further because this is the worst argument to have Religion & Politics combined
If I am wrong how I interpreted it I apologize

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