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i dont think it to harsh. yes maybe im more of an eye for an eye guy than a turn the other cheak guy but. think of this. the vers i posted is the one tha emeadiatly folows the one you did, and i did not post the ones that follow it. that would have been harsh.
9Let his children be fatherless
And his wife a widow.

10Let his children wander about and beg;
And let them seek sustenance far from their ruined homes.

11Let the creditor seize all that he has,
And let strangers plunder the product of his labor.

12Let there be none to extend lovingkindness to him,
Nor any to be gracious to his fatherless children.

i wish no ill will on his family. as a mater of fact, think about this. the man hates god. just look at the way he talks about christianity, and the way he talks about islam. what do you think tha chances are that his two daughters will exept christ into there lifes and become saved if they keep hearing what he has to say? now imagan this, he is delivering one of his anti god speeches, when out of nowere, and a blue sky, comes one single bolt of linghtening, striking him down, in such a way that there is no denieing that it was the wrath of god. imagan how many people would realize that we need to put god back into our countery so that we as a countery will not suffer the same fate.
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