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Funny . . . . . now!

Have Ruger Blackhawk in .357/9mm combo for revolver that mama favors more than me. Bad thing to try to sneak into my own house and end up facing the wrong end of my own pistol. Came in from an army field problem "early", although it was still the middle of the night. Tried sneaking into the house without waking mama and the kids. She'd set up one of those 'kiddie gates' in the hallway leading to the bedroom. Never saw it since it was pitch dark. Went down in a heap, all my field gear falling everywhere. My old mess kit, metal with metal utensils inside, went rolling down the hallway, making a racket loud enough to wake the dead.

Thought I'd gotten away with it when no one woke up screaming or even saying anything. Started to tiptoe down the hallway some more. What I didn't know was that mama had installed a second 'kiddie gate' before getting to the bedroom door. Didn't see this one either.

You know, a single action revolver can make the loudest sound when being cocked. A yelled out "Mama it's me!!!" Good thing too, she was about to put me out of my misery.

I can laugh about all of this . . . . now . . . . now that it's 20+ years later.
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