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Yes the death of Jesus on the cross was horrific. An act of total barbarism by
a supposedly enlightened people.
His death was and still is a sad chapter in the history of humankind but it had to happen. Jesus at any time could have probably saved himself from this fate but HE chose not to, knowing that if He did we were all dead men walking with no hope of anything.
Only one person in all of history or in any "religion" died out of love for us, saving us from our own fate and stubbornness.
Only one person in all history defeated death, defeated the grave and was risen to set at the right hand of God his father to be a mediator for us and to make us presentable in God's sight and to enter His kingdom and to be His adopted sons and daughters, with all the privileges of a son. The price, trust and obey the son of God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Man what a deal,
we do all our garbage and Jesus still says , "come as you are" but He is unwilling to let you stay that way. Healing and grace can be yours and the price is RIGHT!
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