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I agree with you scentman... it was a excellent post!
Many times we forget what impact Jesus' death has on us. We spend so much time celebrating Christmas and everything having to do with His birth, that we focus less on His death.. which is the real reason why we're believers! If Christ didn't die on the cross for us, there would be no need to worship him! By dying on the cross and resurecting from the dead, He defeated satan... FOR GOOD. People no longer had to sacrifice animals or money or possessions for their sins, they could now ask for forgiveness from GOD!!!! Jesus died on the cross because His love for us is absolutely unmatched by any other person on the face of this earth. His love for us is greater than a mom and dad's love for their child! His love for us is unconditional and his grace is truely the greatest blessing to us as humans!

James 1:2-8
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