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FG, I've never ever heard of a Traditions muzzleloader or a TC muzzleloader or a Savage muzzleloader or a Knight muzzleloader ever exploding due to Manufacturer Error. period!

I think your age and inexperience reflects your want and desire to pass CVA's issues onto other manufacturers but It wont ever happen my friend, avid shooters/hunters are fully aware of the risks involved when shooting ANY muzzleloader but by comparison and as history will prove, they all know a CVA muzzleloader just may be putting those shooters/hunters at MUCH GREATER RISKS for injury.

You attack other members posts and every other muzzleloader brand and I think you expect each person will just cowar to your rants and raves, Well By Now, I think all the DHC members have read enough of your ridiculous rhetoric to realize how poorly CVA muzzleloader's are made (by your own admission on how you have to tamper, adjust or totally modify ALL of your CVA muzzleloaders) , nobody on this site has ever made any wrong or misguided claims against you or CVA muzzleloaders but for you to make BOGUS claims against other muzzleloader manufacturers is totally absurd and you really should rethink how and what you say about other muzzleloader companies and consider the liabilities involved regarding the things you say.

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