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Cesar Roque
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I have been doing research about this gun and am unable to find anything about it. I can't even find anything on Cabelas where I bought it! Its a BPI-New Frontier Cascade Magnum .50 so if anyone has any info on this id love to have it. I cant find a company website or any info about someone buying that company. I havent shot the gun sence shortly after I bought it because I lost my shooting place, therefor I cant remember what load to use. Anyone know where I can find this info or hapen to have owned this gun?
I own a cascade magnum 50 cal. I use 100 gr.Of black powder and a 295 gr. Power belt bullet and have hit bulls eye at 120 yards distance. I have harvested deer from 30 to 75 yards. In the area I have hunted there are lots of trees and the farthest shot and kill I have made is 160 yards during fire arm season. Have not had the opportunity to fire that long range with my 50 cal. But I believe that I won't miss if I get the chance. I hope this helps.
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