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$325.00 would buy it. I didn't call it junk, you did. It's just not up to TC quality for a comparable product. FG, you don't remember the old CVA kit guns from their humble beginings and the years that CVA spent trying to catch up on quality of other ml rifles. I actually have one! I haven't purchased one of their new rifles because of the poor quality of their past overall product line. The 70's and early 80's mountain rifles were a decent rifle for the money but simply lay them side by side to a TC Hawken, Renagade, PA Hunter and the quality difference jumps right out, with the TC winning every time. I won't comment on the new stuff like you are shooting today and I see the target results you achieve, but for me I'd purchase a TC rifle just knowing their great product history. I may just have to get a new model CVA just to test against the Triumph or Knight, my guess is that it would be a decent rifle for the money but wouldn't make me want to get another one. That's my opinion.

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