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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I have a small plot land to hunt only 40 acres, can you do too much to attract deer?

It really depends on what's on your land? is there a water source? wooded areas? it all depends... is the land flat or full of drawls? If I had only 40 acres I would plant a small food plot on probably 5-10 acres of it. But I would be careful to make sure I still had plenty of timber to hunt out of. I've seen before where guys darn near clear their whole land off just for food plots then they're hurting for timber to put a stand in! now, what to plant, that's another story. If you do 10 acres, you may plant some wheat or buck oaks,,, something the deer are going to eat late in the season. If you only do 5 acres, you may think about somethign like turnips. I like turnips and I plant them in late august... but I only plant about 1 acre on my prop.
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