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Originally Posted by FrontierGander View Post
bruce i know you will lick that up like a cupcake sitting in the sun, but randy wakeman calls your traditions brand junk as well and claims they will explode at any given time.

If you actually take the time to read all the boring lawyer stuff, you'll find that a lot of these guns on that website ARE recall guns that did in fact have problems, many guns on there as well used smokeless powder.

I can show you pictures of exploded savages, TC's but then that'd just REALLY get you guys goin, so i wont.
FG you just don't get it do you? Read what I posted again and if you still dont get it then you need to read it again.

I wrote:
FrontierGander, what is wrong with you? It doesn't matter WHO owns the website that shines the light on the situation.
We should ALL be thanking the CVA GUNCASES website for making us aware of the situation rather than allowing cva to just write it off an isolated incident.

CVA has a past history of marketing thousands of dangerous and unsafe muzzleloaders some of which are still floating around today somewhere.
For anyone to say it's just a scare tactic is absurd, when a CVA muzzlelolader (OR any other brand) causes bodily harm to a person,
that's not a scare tactic that's an indication to WARN others who may own the same weapons. period!

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